Review: Lepin Star Plan 05001 – Reys Speeder


This set 05001 is based on the movie Star Wars Episode 7: The force awakens. It’s one of the first sets released by Lepin.

You can see the bike first in the first half hour when we meet Rey.

Here is a Link of the original bike.

Build Process:

The set comes with a small detailed instruction with two build phases. In the first phase, you build the body and the boosters in about 34 small steps.

The second phase has only 28 steps and completes all open holes of the bike. In my opinion, there is nothing special about this build.

You can definitely see that this set is made for kids. Some parts remind me of a junior set.


This is an older set. In the earlier years, the stickers of LEPIN weren’t the best. The color of the stickers doesn’t match the color of the stones.

There are too many stickers for a set with this brick count.


There are two included:

1x Rey

1x Unkar’s Thug

For playability reasons the print of the minifigures is alright. The funny part is that the hair of Rey doesn’t match the original set. As many of you know she has a special hairstyle.


The set has 2 play functions. Of course, there is the well-known stud shooter. In my opinion, they are nearly in every Star Wars set. The second play function is on the booster. When you rotate it to the left or to the right, breaking pads open in the front.  For a child who doesn’t know what Star Wars is, it looks like a small spaceship. With the booster and the stud shooters equipped the playability functions for an 8-year-old child are more than existing. But its a very fragile set. So if it falls on the ground a lot of pieces fall apart.

What’s good:
  • it’s looking really good
  • the gadgets and hidden storage room
What’s not so good:
  • Too many stickers
  • The print of the minifigures
  • Pieces fall easily apart

As a Star Wars fan, you will have much fun with this set. It’s a set which is really good looking and close to the original. If you choose this for display reasons I can recommend that for you.

Otherwise, if you want to buy it for your child there are much better Star Wars sets available. Keep in mind that it’s very fragile and your child will likely lose some parts quick.

Verdict: 6 / 10

Pieces: 206

Time to build: 0:40h

Price: 11 $

Price per piece: 0,05 $



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