Review: LEPIN 23018 Hybrid Super Racing Car


The Lepin 23018  set is based on the Porsche 919 Hybrid  Moc-5530 by Charbel and is released in 2018.

The highlights are:

  • Steering with HOG and steering wheel
  • 4-speed gearbox (dual clutch)
  • openable doors
  • suspension
Build Process:

There are 10 building phases. All of them are packed in bags with the number of the phase. In 90% this was the right number. Only one bag was mixed.

The number on the bag was 5 but it includes the bricks of 5, 9 and some of 6. That was a little confusing. While you are building the Porsche, you have to look good at the manual.

There are 3 (or 4) different angle bricks and it is very difficult to see which one is used. I had to try it mutiple times with multiple combinations. And even now I´m not sure if it´s right.

In my opinion the best part is the one with the doors. I loved to see how it´s done and it was super easy.

Round about 6 bricks are missing but none of them are show stoppers so I could complete the building without much problems.

All in all it was fun to build this set and because of the small building phases you can build it before lunch or after your kids sleep.

Stickers and Minifigures:

There are no Stickers and Minifigures in this Set


The playability of this set is great. It´s stable enough to give it to your child and it can use it like a “matchbox car”. Drive around, shift the gears and put a figure in it. If it falls down, only a few unnecessary parts/bricks will drop. The only more or less annoying thing is that you can´t really put it up because the part where you will grab it (the middle) is not stable enough because of the openable doors.

What’s good:
  • it’s looking really good
  • it`s fun to build
  • it`s difficult to build but not as much as the Lepin 2001
  • it`s stable
  • you can let your child play with it
What’s not so good:
  • partial confusing manual (especially the angle bricks)
  • different fonts for bags with number 6 and 9 (you don’t know what is what)
  • missing bricks
  • bricks are in the wrong bag

All in all it is a good set and I would build it again. It is a bit smaller scale than the GT3 but it looks good beside it. The angle Bricks will drive you crazy but it is worth.

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Verdict: 8 / 10

Pieces: 2207

Time to build: 12:30h

Price: $67

Price per piece: $0,03



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