Review: LEPIN 07095 Justice League Anniversary Party


Today we will review another set of the Batman movie. This time it is the Justice League Anniversary Party.

This set is a reference to the movie where Batman wants to meet Superman in his fortress. But the Justice League throws a party where he isn’t invited.

Here you can find the scene.

Build Process:

Like many other small sets this, the instruction manual is a small booklet. The build process is divided into two parts.

The first phase has 40 steps. In this phase, you build the first minifigures and the base of the DJ platform.

The second phase is divided into 24 steps and contains the last minifigures and the decoration. It’s not a difficult build and can be performed by small children.

All parts fit tight. The only tricky part was to apply the cape to Wonderdog. But with a little force, this was also possible.


There are just two stickers included one for the left and one for the right side of the Justice League banner. The overall print quality is good.

The Batman vinyl disks are printed.


This set includes 4 minifigures:

1x Superman

1x Hawkgirl

1x El Dorado

1x Green Arrow

also, there is a special figure Wonderdog included.

The funny part is, that Batman isn’t included. Just like in the movie.

The overall print quality is good to very good.


Another typical playset. It has two play functions:

  1. It has a rotating dancefloor. To rotate the dancefloor you have to spin the wheel on the back of the DJ booth.
  2. You can move the DJ booth up and down so it looks like DJ Wonderdog is dancing.

The kids love this set for playability reasons. Now they can throw a party and invite all their minifigures to a dance party.

What’s good:
  • the four minifigures
  • the unique Wonderdog figure
  • the playability dance function
What’s not so good:
  • it could be more detailed

A fun set for your kids. For the price of 12.50 $, you get 4 minifigures and a good background to throw a party. For kids who like minifigures, this set is an absolute recommendation.

It perfectly fits in your Batman Movie collection.

Verdict: 8 / 10

Pieces: 299

Time to build: 0:45h

Price: 12.50 $

Price per piece: 0.04 $



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