Review: Enlighten Sweeper 1101


This set is an original. The brand Enlighten doesn’t create copies of famous sets. They have a whole series just for city vehicles.

We will review more of them in the future.

Build Process:

The set comes with a two-sided instruction paper. To complete the set you have to perform 25 really small steps. The good part is, that the added bricks are highlighted in each step. So even a child can build this easily.

We let a 5-year old child build the set on his own. Despite some steps where you have to press a little harder, it wasn’t a problem at all.

The quality of the Enlighten bricks is good. Every brick has an ENL stamp on it. The bricks haven’t got the full LEPIN quality, but all parts are fitting together and that’s the most important part.

After the build, there are some spare parts left over.


There is a hand full of stickers. The overall quality of the prints is very good. Nothing to complain in this part.


There is one employe minifigure included. The prints are clear and bright. One of the best minifigures we have seen.


Of course, it’s a set made for kids. The playability aspect is very high. As it’s a car, the movability is given. All wheels are spinning fine and you also can move the two vacuum cleaner. The brush in the front can be moved up and down. When you drive the car, the brush also rotates. A very good playset.

What’s good:
  • the unique design
  • easy to build
  • play functions
  • perfect addition for modular buildings
  • instruction manual
What’s not so good:
  • the vacuum cleaner doesn’t hold as good as it should

It’s a perfect little set for your kids. As the instructions are highlighted, even a small child can build it on its own.

If you are trying to bring your city to life, this set is a perfect addition to it. Who wants to have dirty streets in his city?

This little worker will clean everything up for you. An absolute recommendation.

Verdict: 9 / 10

Pieces: 102

Time to build: 0:30h

Price: 5 $

Price per piece: 0.05 $



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