Review: Decool Cute Doll – DragonBall Z – Son Goku 6825


This set by Decool is part of the Cute Doll series and one of 12 Dragonball Z sets.

Build Process:

This doll comes with a little instruction paper with round about small 40 steps. It is really easy to build because the steps are really small and detailed. Because of its small parts (1×1 bricks) its a bit difficult for children to build it but with a little help they can have much fun. The quality of the bricks are very good. No brick was too loose or missing. Even the fitting was A+.


There is are no stickers in this set. All bricks are printed.


This set is not for playing. It´s only designed for decoration purposes. But because of its stabillity you can give it to your child without fear that he will destroy it within seconds.

What’s good:
  • easy to build
  • printed bricks / no sticker
  • collectable sets
  • instruction manual

It’s a perfect set for collectors and fans of Dragonball. The set is as the name says a “cute doll” and fits perfect in a collection or on a board.

Verdict: 10 / 10

Pieces: round about 90

Time to build: 0:40h

Price: 6 $

Price per piece: 0.06 $



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