MOC: Tie Interceptor from First Order Tie Fighter (05005)


This week I found an Interesting Video on Youtube. This shows you how you can build a Tie Interceptor from a First Order Tie Fighter (05005). I tried it and here is my Impression.

Here you can find the instruction Video.

Build Process:

The building process is easy to follow. You watch a step in the Movie and repeat it on your own. There are just two or three steps that they do not show at the end (the black frame on the wings). So you have to improvise. But it´s nothing that´s too difficult.

Another little difficult is (in my case) that the movie did not fit 100% to my set. I think it´s because there are differences between the Lepin set and the original. For example at 2:37 he uses 2×4 plates. I have to use a 1×4 plate. Or on 2:51 he uses these small black parts which weren’t in my set.

But that´s nothing that’s really bad for building.

At the end of the build, I used the remaining bricks too. So I don´t have a brick left and it´s more custom 🙂


You can play with the set. It´s not as stable as the original but it is stable. A little change is the stability of standing. Because the wings are looser, you can not stand it on the ground. If you want to put it in a Showcase, you have to build/ order a stable stand.

What’s good:
  • look great
  • no extra parts needed
What’s not so good:
  • they used bricks which are not in the Lepin sets

It´s a nice little MOC project if you can´t see your First Order Tie Fighter anymore and want something new without spending money.

Verdict: 8 / 10

Pieces: 562

Time to build: 0:40h

Price: 22.00 $

Price per piece: 0.04 $



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