Decool announces 11 pull-back cars


Good news!

The sets are already available. You can get them for 12 $ a piece at

Original news:

And another day of new technic sets.

The whole week was full of announcements of technic sets.

Today Decool announces 11 pull-back cars and one concept wheel loader. We are personally big fans of the pull-back cars out of playability reasons. Let’s hope they provide the Decool quality we know and love.

The fun part is that if you have multiple sets (for example 3413 and 3414) you can combine them to a big build with two motors.

There was also one concept wheel loader 3380 with about 1167 pieces announced. It’s based on the Zeux and has a drone included. This set also has a b-version.

Here are some pictures of the announced sets.


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